"Roads and Walls: Concrete Histories" Conference Date and Location [UPDATED INFO!]

"Roads and Walls: Concrete Histories" will be held at the Merrill Cultural Center on the campus of UC-Santa Cruz on Friday, MARCH 3rd, 2006. Visitor parking will be available for $3 per car at the base of campus, at the Barn Theatre; a shuttle van will take commuters up to the Merrill Cultural Center until 11 AM.

We are excited to announce that "Midnight University"--a more informal exploration of the social life of objects--will convene the evening of March 3rd, from 9 pm til all is said and done. PLEASE READ ABOUT IT BELOW!

We are also very pleased to announce that Professors Marisol de la Cadena (Anthropology, UC-Davis), James Ferguson (Cultural and Social Anthropology, Stanford) and Kathleen Stewart (Anthropology, UT-Austin) have agreed to join us as discussants for the conference. See schedule below.

"Roads and Walls: Concrete Histories" is sponsored by the UCSC Anthropology Department; the Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development (CenTREAD); the Center for Cultural Studies; the Center for Global, International, and Regional Studies (CGIRs); the Institute for Advanced Feminist Research (IAFR); and the departments of Environmental Studies, Feminist Studies, History of Art and Visual Culture, and Sociology.

Conference Schedule

9:00-9:15a Welcome and Introduction, Jeremy Campbell (UCSC, Anthropology)

Session 1. In-Built: Spatialized Practices of Identity
9.20a Megan Moodie (UCSC, Anthropology), Pukka Walls, Kaccha Identities: Building Dhanka Basti in Jaipur, India
9.40a Abigail Sone (Toronto, Anthropology), Sign Language: Navigating the New Trans-Israel Highway
10.00a Yen-Ling Tsai (UCSC, Anthropology), Pintu Reformasi, Gates of Reform, and the Social Reproduction of Walls in Indonesia
10:20a Liza Grandia (Berkeley, Anthropology), The Infrastructure Trickle-Down: Roads, the Puebla-to-Panama-Plan, and the Q’eqchi’ Maya in the Northern Maya Lowlands
10:40-11:20a Discussion from Marisol de la Cadena (Davis) & q/a

11:30-12:20p Box Lunch for presenters and discussants.
Please remember to visit the poster presentations in the Merrill Cultural Center during breaks!

Session 2. Affective Transits: Histories, Performances, Itineraries
12.20p Sasha Welland (UCSC, Anthropology), Opening The Great Wall
12.40p Ryan Chaney (Columbia, Anthropology), Appalachian Routes: Music, Landscape, and Heritage Tourism in Southwestern Virginia
1.00p Bettina Stoetzer (UCSC, Anthropology), On Ghosts, Sunflower Seeds, and a Museum of Walls: A City Tour in Berlin.
1.20p Natalle Zappia (UCSC, History), Indigenous Borderlands: The Inter-regional Trading Networks of the California Interior
1.40p John Marlovitz (UCSC, Anthropology), The Madness of Skid Row
2.00-2.40p Discussion from Kathleen Stewart (Texas) & q/a

2.40-2.50p Coffee Break.

Session 3. Into the Street: Sites of Future-Struggle
2.50p Julie Brugger (Washington, Anthropology), “Road Wars” in the Rural American West
3.10p Kirsten Brown (Toronto, Anthropology), Road Promise: The Politics of an Imaginary Road in Rural Indonesia
3.30p Caroline Simmonds (Yale, Forestry), Walking Well: The Social Landscape of the Bakili Muluzi Highway, Malawi
3.50p Doreen Lee (Cornell, Anthropology), Descending to the Streets: Kronologi and the Mapping of Activist Histories in Jakarta, Indonesia
4.10p Chris Brown (Washington, Anthropology), Circulation and Freedom on a Javanese Street
4.30-5.10p Discussion from James Ferguson (Stanford) & q/a

5:10-6:00p Plenary Discussion, facilitated by Don Brenneis (UCSC)

9:00p-1:00a Midnight University, “Talking Objects, Moving Forms” @ Kresge Town Hall, Kresge College